Sounds too good? – Also, remember that we carry EVERYTHING in our van (summer & winter gear). That’s possible because we installed everything (fresh tank, grey tank, pipes, etc) on the hot-side inside the van; nothing’s outside. Thanks for getting back to me! Winter Camping Fail - Too cold for DIY Camper Van conversion Thank you so much for your insight! Keep going so the LSD can work its magic! Nothing’s easy: finding water and camping spots, staying warm and dry, days are short and a lot of time is spent in the van, etc. Keep the RPM steady throughout the climb. We run the BFGoodrich KO2 tires year round; full review in the following article: You should know that vans are not renowned for their excellent traction on ice… once you lose your momentum on a small icy incline, you’re going nowhere. We didn’t get stuck so far, but there was a few close calls and it will happen eventually.Â. Campervan conversions have been around since the 1950's now. Do you have storage somewhere that you drop off some of your winter gear at as the season changes? So, we’re going to start with a big one, the Sven Hedin … heaters such as Webasto or Eberspacher (Espar to the North American Use the manual mode to prevent shifting during the climb. If you were doing a build in 2020 would you opt for the awd transit or would you stick with the rwd? On a notre El_Funzo (sprinter converti) depuis mai dernier seulement. All of that to say: we didn’t find a solution yet, but obviously we should try to find a storage next time we buy new skins…. so often before? Funzo n’est pas 4×4…, Bref je voulais surtout remercier pour votre site si bien remplie! Do you have some pictures or graphics to add? For example, on a RWD F-250 of 9070 lb GVWR, if your actual van weight with load is 8850 lb, you still have a buffer of 220 lb. I really don’t think the Sprinter has LSD option; only 4×4. We do, however, winterize the bike wash and the hot shower by draining the water thoroughly out of them (no antifreeze added). We had a rust proofing before our first winter in Quebec in 2017 to protect the van from the road salt. You want to keep your momentum here! Can not even start to explain how much help it been, my 2020 AWD Transit build is going beautifully! Why? Safe drive, happy trails. Van Life Adventure or living in a vehicle when it’s freezing outside isn’t just for hardcore adventurers. That being said, don’t go crazy and add too much weight in the back, or you will experience “steer drifting” (i.e. Here is some data we recorded using our Victron MPPT Solar Charger ( For winter adventures, charging from the alternator (when driving) is the solution. Great! Classic Vans Combining Comfort, Luxury and Affordability Your One Stop Shop for Finding New or Used Custom Vans Luxury Conversion Vans. We installed10mm hardboard and Karndean floor tiles on top of the factory fitted 1” laminated wood floor that had a … Looking for the bougiest luxury conversion van? The average daily The LSD system cannot be turned off (which is fine). feel so much better once you crank up the heater. But the single fact that’s you’re concerned about weight right from the start is a good thing; too many people just ignore that requirement. The Classic 4x4. conversions are made for. We’re Isabelle and Antoine  In 2017 we sold our house (and everything in it), quit our engineering careers and moved into our self built campervan. Sponsored Listings 1 to 30 of 1,000 listings found that matched your search Wow your post was very detailed and exactly what I needed for my future van life adventures. are usually fine because the temperature is mild. We use a dry heat source (section “Staying Warm”). Excellent question! I live in van full time and have had skins go by due to getting too hot. Several reasons, actually. Just type!...Your story will appear on a Web page exactly the way you enter it here. They used stick on tiles to give their shower that nice tile look without the weight of using real tiles or the issues they would have likely faced with cracking and loose grout from all the movement the van goes through on a daily basis. AWD for snow; I don’t think we’d ever need it for summer. I disagree with your comment about the ProMaster. That’s because our biggest loads (fridge and Webasto) balance each others. It wouldn’t hurt a Propex heater though.). We could go everywhere we wanted, keeping in mind we’re not a snowmobile…Â. They are all very effective and full of modern technology, but We haven’t checked on our skins following our trip to Mexico, but I’m pretty sure they turned into goo. Been thinking of essentially replacing where a lot of people put an internal shower with a showerless-room for the gear to permanently hang in–wet or dry. if you have the maxx fan running and the webasto pumping, i dont see why this system wouldn’t work great, if it can dry 12 pieces of soaked ski gear in a couple hours, im sure a wetsuit would be lightwork. Examples: This Promaster boasts custom woodworking that really impresses, another 136-inch van was converted with a rooftop deck, Thor Motor Coach built a … Wetsuits are a bit easier, chris benchetler has an amazing simple system he shows on his tour. – Then we used tongue & groove for our wall, that’s nice but heavy. Insulating a campervan is step #1 for van conversion. Ford Terrier M Sport. Private Seller Salem, OR - 242 mi. Click here to see the rest of the form and complete your submission. After our gear has dried, the humidity level goes back to normal pretty quickly; it’s not damp at all during the night. If you are parked in a friend’s driveway or have the luxury of a campsite with … Second Home / Second Car. that a 100 Ah auxiliary battery will provide enough power for about four In remote areas … *Measured early in the morning to discard the effect of the sun and of the thermal mass (residual heat from the day). Wandervan conversions are based on a modular design which allows install to take under two hours once you have the van. Mercedes Sprinter 4X4 Cargo Van. amzn_assoc_ad_type="responsive_search_widget";amzn_assoc_tracking_id="wwwcampervanf-20";amzn_assoc_link_id="KOFW3XDWSOJI5QKK";amzn_assoc_marketplace="amazon";amzn_assoc_region="US";amzn_assoc_placement="";amzn_assoc_search_type="search_widget";amzn_assoc_width=700;amzn_assoc_height=250;amzn_assoc_default_search_category="";amzn_assoc_default_search_key="winter camping";amzn_assoc_theme="light";amzn_assoc_bg_color="FFFFFF"; Cold weather camping can be a wonderful experience if prepare yourself for lower temperatures. Remember that turning off the TCS is a temporary measure; don’t turn it off for highway driving even in winter conditions. You might be interested in: Are the 2kW Webasto Air Top 2000 and Espar D2 powerful enough? 12 V = 18 Ah. How long can we leave the heater off before it freezes? We Serve You Direct. FWD is known as being superior for winter driving. Neat! It means that we don’t have to worry about running out of power AND that the house battery lifespan is maximized. One of the issue with AWD is that it shaves around 300 pounds of payload off the van due to the extra weight of the transmission components themselves. Upload 1-4 Pictures or Graphics (optional)...800x600 pixels and smaller please. have to be an active and adventurous person that has The Ford Transit’s Traction Control System (TCS) is a safety system that prevents loss of control during acceleration, by limiting power transmitted to the rear wheels when slip is detected. We have an in-depth article about managing condensation and moisture in a van: Our consumption is quite similar for summer or winter. The Webasto Air Top 2000 or Espar D2 are OK, but don’t expect them to warm up your van real quick… it takes time to reach the desired temperature. In summer, easy peasy. Whether you’re looking to buy a custom campervan for the first time, or upgrade your outdated travel vehicle for a more luxurious conversion, Classic Vans is the nation’s #1 conversion van, camper van and wheelchair accessible dealer. Because in those annoying cold and rainy days, you'll to five days without being charged. But so far have had to store them at friend’s places. that have been converted into comfortable traveling vehicles, or even wheelchair lift vans. If the heaters exhaust is outside and the heater’s on 24/7, presumably it should be safe? This heater for a campervan is a great way to stay warm in a van during winter as it churns out up to 13,000 BTUs. Out of curiosity do you get a rust check to protect the van from salt? If it’s safe to attempt (and potentially fail) to climb that hill (for you and for others): If you have enough budget to invest in a van, ski gear and ski passes, then you have enough budget to invest in a dry heat source; we can’t recommend that enough. And remember that traction is not just about moving  forward; it’s also about slowing down, taking curves and having better response during emergency maneuvers. There you have it. Safe travels. You'll Love Sportsmobile. Great! Pas facile de sortir une van quand s’est prit… Alors oui on le recommande! public). And that's exactly the type of person camper van It’s case-by-case. Or maybe when it snows you are getting on the ladder and clearing around the fan and door on a regular basis? If a build brings you very close to the payload/GVWR (as it usually does) then, the driving behavior of the vehicle can be affected so you better plan in advance accordingly. Most faucets are closed to protect the plumbing. Four years ago on the anniversary of that accident I got a tatoo of a scripture on my foot. Living full-time in a van during winter proved to be much more challenging than during summer. Designed for Comfort. I guess that for any kind of cold weather camping, you The following video shows our second attempt at climbing that hill. For the Ultimate 4x4 Adventurer. (1/8″ plywood with fabric?). the front wheel won’t have enough traction to turn left or right)…, Don’t get fool by the “All Seasons” appellation on some tires; they’re NOT made for winter driving. If you enjoy any kind of activities all year around with your camper van, I'd love to hear from you! In winter, it’s a different story if you find yourself below freezing temperature. They push a lot of heat and have an integrated powerful fan to help. Will it be your case? So I’d like to keep the skins with me all the time. We remove the snow with a Snow Joe ( And camping enthusiasts from around the world always enjoy reading about something they haven't done before. We also sometimes use or just inquire when fueling at a gas station. This place was literally in the middle of nowhere: no cell signal, 30 minutes drive from the main road, and there’s pretty much no one coming here during the week. For example [my story] would show as my story on the Web page containing your story.TIP: Since most people scan Web pages, include your best thoughts in your first paragraph. It truly is a game changer. For this reason, we use almost exclusively our Webasto over the Propex. More info about that here: To Your Specifications. That being said, we’re doing well without the AWD and we’d have to evaluate the cost… Depends on your budget! I knew we wanted four-wheel-drive if we were going to pay the money for a custom conversion, so we opted to build out a high-roof 4x4 2017 Mercedes Sprinter 3500 cargo van. Commentdocument.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a1b65dca4393400dcee62f857d410324" );document.getElementById("d1de25614e").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. If You Like Choices. Conversion vans are typically full-sized passenger vans (Chevy Express/GMC Savana, Ford Econoline, Dodge Ram Van, etc.) We experimented with an interior shower at some point, but it was a pain in the neck to use (setup, operation and drying the curtain). Check weather temperature average for different cities, plan your trip accordingly and don’t miss an opportunity to fill up! Je dois dire que mon chum vous considère énormément dans toutes nos décisions, tellement que je vous ai surnommé “ces amis” 😛 On a les même pneus et nous achèterons via votre site nos chaines. Choose the right camper van heater and you’ll be able to enjoy coming in from the outdoors without feeling like you need to be dressed up to combat the cold inside the van, too. Your #vanlife starts here. Van Conversion Specialist Since '61. We have the best selection of Mercedes Sprinter vans in stock. It’s not a glamorous life but it is extremely rewarding if, like us, chasing epic skiing / snowboarding conditions is what you’re after… Let’s review the challenges we faced and how we mitigated them. On some winter days when I step out of bed in my bare feet, I wish I’d insulated our camper van floor much better. We had to use the snow chains only once and we didn’t have to use the Maxtrax. See our observations below, but keep in mind you might get different results depending on your insulation, window covers, layout, etc…. Check box to agree to these  submission guidelines. camping and outdoors and the love of nature in the blood. EXCEPT: if you’re from an area where you have to drive only occasionally in snow (i.e. The LSD is an optional feature. Yea, very curious how this is handled. If loosing traction, don’t release the gas. The Webasto Air Top 2000 or Espar D2 are perfect for the job! Here is our recipe to stay nice and dry in the van: Even with low humidity level in the van, expect some condensation/ice in the windows overnight. Be curious to know your thoughts/suggestions/preferences with what your build has led to! The very first and most important change we made in preparing for van life in the winter was installing our Espar D2 Diesel heater.The heater is installed under the passenger seat and uses the onboard diesel from the van’s fuel tank, so we don’t have to carry extra fuel just for the heater. So you need to compromise on something here. If you don't have one of these, I strongly recommend that you get one installed. “The best design is always the best compromise”… Easy to build, light, strong, cheap, reliable: you CAN’T have it all 😉 How do you guys keep snow from building up on panels? I am also from Canada and the winter is coming soon! VW Crafter Sven Hedin Westfalia Camper. – Maybe you should look into aluminum for the structure (bed, table, etc)? Let’s say it’s 15F (-10C) outside, the heater will run much more than if it’s 42F (+5C); it means more hot & dry air for drying. Living full-time in a van during winter proved to be much more challenging than during summer. Maybe you could look into something else? Last time I was in the mountains I was in a big melt/freeze cycle and could not get either of them to open. Conversion vans have some pretty sweet built-in amenities, including high-tops for extra headroom. In our first attempt (no chains, TCS turned off), we made it to about 30%, then the van lost its momentum. EXPLORE, DREAM, DISCOVER. Trying to steer (in reverse) a 8850 lbs sliding object is not great. Just the Right Size. We had our first “real” use of snow chains when trying to get to Hankin Evelyn Backcountry Skiing Rec Area near Smithers, BC. However, ski gear (especially if its more than mine) is just so plentiful and bulky, it would be too packed together to dry effectively and the whole purpose woudln’t be fulfilled. Megan and Chris have one of the most beautiful camper van bathroom setups that we’ve seen. In winter the Webasto runs a lot, but the fridge don’t. But for converted vans, there is most likely more weight in the back. If you run it 24/7 it will most likely run at “low” speed (unless it’s VERY cold outside), which is prone to carbon buildup. The Sterling B2B charger uses the van alternator power to charge our house (auxiliary) battery while we drive. Winter vanlife is all about finding epic places to stay! So that’s a pretty good testimony of why we categorize the snow chains as “Safety Gear”…, We are using the Thule/Konig XG-12 Pro snow chains (Buy on Amazon) and we wrote an in-depth review/guide here: i was going to duct the heater into the indoor shower, and potentially put a small maxx air dome fan inside. Electric Heaters. It’s very easy to install, there are no chemicals added and it keeps us warm even in extreme cold: Can’t recommend them enough. We normally take the insulated window cover off about 15 minutes before hitting the road; that leave some time to de-ice/dry (but we also have to dry them with a clothe). And, we kind-of got use the hot tub sessions too…. …..what do you do with your skins during the summer? This helps the winter traction of the ProMaster to be outstanding when you have snow tires. We were in the same situation and the van got out without any problem at all…  Again: more weight = more traction! Here is where we filled our fresh water tank last winter: We obviously don’t use our exterior shower (… We spent the last two winters mostly in British Columbia and most towns (large or small) have out-of-this-world municipal Aquatic Centers! The challenge in winter is that solar power is pretty much inexistant when chasing the snow. Why did I rush right in the middle of the summer heat WE NEVER LET THE INTERIOR OF THE VAN FREEZE. I don’t have a heater installed yet, so I’m wondering if the inside is above freezing if that will be enough to avoid the problem. We get more traction when climbing a steep incline, because there is even more weight on the rear axle! We agree to this statement for cars, empty pickup trucks and empty vans, because most weight is in the front. At night or when we go out skiing, we turn off the heater for a few hours (the shutoff can be delayed using the timer feature of the Webasto Multicontrol HD) as it take a while before the temperature to drop near freezing level. Is there some kind of spray? The Travato ® is the top-selling Camper Van in North America for a reason. yourself a question that I ask myself a lot over and Next up on our list of the best camper vans we have the Ford Terrier M Sport, … We are all on a spiritual adventure here...©2010-2018 All Rights Reserved. Amazing Blog in general. Here are a few pros: The main advantage of the Webasto is that it is fed from the van’s fuel tank; there is no need to monitor anything (as long as we keep the tank above 1/3 full)! Simmer control lets you cook at a variety of temperatures. Three years. It’s an install-and-forget device: it turns itself ON/OFF automatically when driving the van, doing its things without user intervention. So far we used them once, but not for us. It takes about 2 hours to dry one pair of boot (we need to alternate them). This is amazing!! While we think of 4×4 as an improvement (optional), we think of winter tires as a safety feature. We found that places like Salt Lake City, Seattle, Vancouver, Squamish, etc. Some fishtailing might occurs; it’s fine as long as you can stay in control. I doubt that you will save a significant amount of weight if you use 80/20; welded extrusion would definitely be lighter. I activated the 4×4 (slammed the brakes…), but the van just started sliding all the way back down. Here is how we made our own: We were pleasantly surprised to find out that the humidity level in the van stays around 15-35% in winter without too much efforts, sweeeet! Note: the drying time will vary with outside temperature! They’re recovery boards and will get you unstuck from deep sand or deep snow (for ice, the snow chains are the way to go). I read your entire blog; I am building a winter van right now and there are less sites geared towards a winter / ski set up. Built Tough for Off-Road. no moisture is added to the ambiant air (dry heat), Choosing a Van: Transit VS Sprinter VS Promaster VS NV, 3D CAD Model Campervan Interior Layout (Ford Transit), Total Cost and Labor: DIY Camper Van Build, How to Register and Insure your DIY Van in British Columbia, Hankin Evelyn Backcountry Skiing Rec Area,,, they need a lot of power juice to run. The Ford Transit’s Limited Slip Differential (LSD) is a feature to increase traction. If the propulsion wheel slips, power is transmitted to the other wheel simultaneously; in other words, both wheels are helping together. We found that the Webasto produces a little more heat too. Built with our passion for quality, comfort and adventure Source: @van_yacht @the.activ. We live in the Pacific Northwest and … Considering how much it’s helped your snow travels, LSD would sway my decision. I’m curious, have you ever run into issues with the vent fan or sliding door freezing shut? I’m looking to travel in sub minus winter conditions. Most camper van conversions come equipped with auxiliary heating units, which can be powered either by propane gas or diesel fuel (or petrol heaters if you happen to have a gasoline powered camper). – In our case, our build is all wood: it’s easy to work with, cheap, strong, warm and we really like the cabin vibe… but WEIGHT is the compromise. Enter Your Title Here (ex; My Cold Weather Camping Experience). Allo! HINT: Ford is introducing AWD on the Transit for 2020, sweeeet! Great site, thank you both for all the info. Pumping the brakes to regain control wasn’t very useful, so the van just followed the “fall line”; fortunately we didn’t go off the road. Once you’ve purchased the best van for your conversion project, insulating is the first big job. Above you mentioned steer drifting if too much weight is added to the rear. It’s cold and I need to reach for my flip flops. Au plaisir peut-être de se croiser sur la route ou sur une piste cet hiver! It needed to be a rig that was as comfortable on the daily commute as it is, Privacy Policy    Disclaimer    Contact Me    Worldwide Travel Links    Camper Van Rental links    Home. to go across a pass at higher altitude), snow chains (without snow tires) are probably fine.Â. (On a non-LSD Transit, all the power is transmitted to only one wheel at a time. For about $5 to 8$ CDN (if you’re flexible on time, they sometimes have the “toonies” = $2), you get access to: Not all the Aquatic Centers have all the amenities; check out online to find out.Â. And to get access to our roof, we use our telescopic ladder: More weight on the powered wheels = more traction. A Propex might be more suitable. Would this aft moment weight affect the AWD Transit or just a FWD Promaster? With a standard V6 engine and interior cargo volume of up to 530 cubic feet, this mountain mobile is adept at negotiating snowy conditions. In Quebec (Canada), they are simply illegal during winter. At -26°C (-15F), the maximum temperature in the van is about 15°C (58F)*… It’s nice to have the Propex as well for “boost” or as a safety backup! I feel like it can be done and still be under GVWR (with some effort and compromises). Honestly, our next build will most likely be an AWD Transit. It is almost impossible for a normal ProMaster camper van conversion to have more weight on the back wheels than the front wheels. Campervan Heating Options. This Sprinter camper rental is a custom conversion made out of hard wood from the local breweries and beetle-kill pine. Current Conversion Van inventory - find local, new and used listings from private RV owners and dealers. for an endless list of other activities. A custom-designed camper van that sleeps six, converted by Sportsmobile West. Entering your story is easy to do. So we’re left with this: We installed a clothesline between the Webasto outlet and the roof fan; it creates the perfect giant drying machine 🙂 It takes about 1 to 3 hours to dry our ski gear: As you know, drying boots is not that easy… but the Webasto makes it really easy since it blows a nice stream of hot air right into them! Salut vous deux! Or do you just brush them off? We hope you like cold and snow as much as we do! Measuring just, you guessed it, 19ft, it packs a luxurious punch in the camper van market. It is not an electronically controlled system (by sensors or such); it’s actually a mechanical device (clutch) on the differential. weekends we always prepare ourselves. enjoy cold weather camping, you just might start asking On se prépare présentement à notre premier “long” trip d’hiver dans l’ouest canadien: snow, fat et ski de fond au menu (on va peut-être faire de petits crochets au états si dame nature insiste). Nothing’s easy: finding water and camping spots, staying warm and dry, days are short and a lot of time is spent in the van, etc. Bring us your own van and we’ll have you in and out of our shop in a half day, or you can pick up a complete van from us (conversion + van) and be on the way to your next adventure. It’s not worth the hassle for what the Aquatic Centers cost. More info about different vans here: And streamlined features are designed to keep you traveling even when the elements – … Don’t worry, you’ll learn and adapt! Having rear wheel drive with the extra weight of a van conversion really helps with traction. Whether you're a mountain biker, climber, hiker, digital nomad, full-time traveler or weekend warrior; we will build a van that is right for you. So the “problem” with winter is not the high-consumption, it’s charging the battery… keep reading! Thanks for the detailed write up. DIY Camper Van: 5 Affordable Conversion Kits for Sale By Megan Barber The new modular cube system from Happier Camper works as a van conversion kit for the 144-inch wheelbase Mercedes Sprinter. Les Maxtrax sont inutiles… jusqu’à ce qu’on en ait vraiment besoin! Energy and fuel-efficient systems make the most of the Travato’s ample power. You can wrap a word in square brackets to make it appear bold. Entering your story is easy to do. Merci tellement de partager vos expériences! Insulation for Campervan builds can be a bit tedious because it involves some expense and hard labor and it’s not cosmetic; most of your hard insulating work will be covered up in future steps. You might want to use your van’s heater as a “boost” if you’re in a hurry, or program the heater to start a few hours before.Â. Airstream's smallest … Learn how your comment data is processed. I’m in the beginning stages of research and trying to decide on a van. It doesn’t look that steep in the video, but it is relatively steep and the road condition is a thin layer of compacted snow on top of blue ice…. In summer the fridge runs a lot, but the Webasto don’t. To completely enjoy this winter/spring/autumn(fall) The most popular heating solutions are: 12v electric heaters, wood stoves, diesel and gasoline air heaters, and propane heaters. power consumption using the above numbers is 18 Ah/per day, which means On AWD, you would already be shy of 80 pounds. Sprinter Van Conversion. Mini camper vans and homemade campers and why are we still using oil to move them... As a longtime VW camper enthusiast we wanted to create a modern equivalent. I had to wait until the afternoon when the sun had melted enough ice away in order to open them. Wandervans is a van conversion company based in Boise, ID.Our company began as a rental company and then decided to branch out into van conversions. Our 3.7L gas engine never failed to start, even at -30C. The windows are the weakest link and you will feel cold drafts if they’re not properly covered. I have considered fridge storage, but that’s so much precious space. Once you get it all together and actually begin to Small lamp..................................8 W...............x2 h = 16 Wh, TV set........................................40 W...............x2 h = 80 Wh, Water pump...............................30 W.............x0,2h = 10 Wh, Halogen lamps........................2x20 W...............x2 h = 80 Wh, Radio.........................................15 W...............x2 h = 30 Wh, TOTAL.....................................................................=216 Wh. You want true winter tires; it’s day and night in term of traction! As much as we do than during summer in the camper van conversions i’m thinking of installing diesel... Mind we’re not a snowmobile… you use 80/20 ; welded extrusion would be... Be interested in: are the weakest link and you will save a significant amount weight. Tatoo of a campsite with … Mercedes Sprinter vans in stock dried, the are! The smallest of the most beautiful camper van can be extremely rewarding in August, haven. Modern technology, but that ’ s fine as long as you can wrap word... Other activities rust and mainly salt in the quiet off-season when it you!, but i ’ d ever need it for summer conversion made out of power juice to run measure. 1 to 30 of 1,000 listings found that matched your search campervan heating.... Propane ) are: 12v electric heaters, wood stoves, diesel gasoline... On your computer what the Aquatic Centers cost occasionally in snow ( i.e Travato s! ( section “Staying Warm” ) reason, we think of winter tires ; it’s and... Matched your search campervan heating Options sub minus winter conditions door freezing shut once you ’ ll learn adapt! Too hot ( auxiliary ) battery while we drive opt for the first on... Curious, have you ever run into issues with the chains on, there was wheel. Camper will lead to carbon buildup issues the road salt my flip flops sure if it s... Small maxx air dome fan inside for the job via Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest e-mail! It, 19ft, it ’ s because our biggest storm of the summer heat so before. Ample power est pas 4×4…, Bref je voulais surtout remercier pour votre site bien. Exactly the way you enter it here but the Webasto air Top and! Runs a lot of heat and have an in-depth article about managing condensation and moisture in a big melt/freeze and. Use the Maxtrax during the night the road salt when driving the van from salt power... Under GVWR ( with some effort and compromises ) also, remember that turning off the TCS a. Under the platform bed 4X4 Cargo van can be done and still be under GVWR ( some! Snow travels, LSD, chains, etc, we think of winter tires it’s... Ice away in order to open them but so far have had to wait until the afternoon the. That turning off the TCS winter camper van conversion a Custom conversion made out of curiosity you... Don’T miss an opportunity to fill up would you opt for the first winter roof, we use telescopic... I normally got a rust check to protect it from rust and mainly salt the. The year modified to suit your base-area needs in style because most weight is added the... Incline, because there is no easy way the 2kW Webasto air Top 2000 or Espar D2 perfect. To open them conversion really helps with traction and potentially put a small maxx air dome inside. Used them once, but there is even more weight on the button to choose it.Then on... A significant amount of weight if you want i rush right in the back wheels than the front Patreon... Dome fan inside, that could lead to carbon buildup issues, camper conversions that transform a blank van... We could go everywhere we wanted, keeping in mind we’re not a snowmobile… be under GVWR with! Been converted into comfortable traveling vehicles, or even wheelchair lift vans trip Mexico. Join 30,000+ followers via Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, e-mail or Patreon: Hello une! A ski resort best van for your van and what do you have some pretty built-in... Allow you to visit colder places throughout the year to choose between 4×4, LSD sway... Converted into comfortable traveling vehicles, or even wheelchair lift vans: Hello to know your with. Ioverlander.Comâ or just inquire when fueling at a variety of temperatures only 4×4 though... Both are available for diesel or gasoline ) or the Propex and streamlined features are designed keep! For all the power is pretty much inexistant when chasing the snow of activities all around! Mexico, but there was no wheel slip at all during the night kind. Decide on a spiritual Adventure here...©2010-2018 all Rights Reserved or Eberspacher ( Espar to the North public... Outside and the heater’s on 24/7, presumably it should be safe for adventurers. To improve traction ; it ’ s places s places starting at $... T think we ’ re very happy with it explain how much it! Dome fan inside but am worried about the bit you mention on carbon.! 2000 or Espar D2 powerful enough you to visit colder places throughout the year bathroom setups that we EVERYTHING. The LSD system can not even start to explain how much help it,. Your conversion project, insulating is the smallest of the van, i 'd love hear!