As long as they generally stay above 60 I don’t think the temp would be an issue. When I repotted, the root was just a giant hard ball. I went away for a week (watered prior) and came home and I had lost more than half my leaves! I don’t want to stress it out any more than it already is. Checking the roots can confirm the presence of root rot. Could I email you a picture of the flf leaves? Remember it’s normal that as your plant matures, some lower leaves will eventually yellow and fall off. If the remnant brown spots on leaves bothers you, you can try cutting off just the brown sections. What’s your take on this? I’m scared of overwatering it, though! Arguably the most common cause of brown spots in a fiddle leaf fig is root rot from over-watering. I am moving my flf’s Outside but I am curious what kind of sunlight they need. Position your plant by a north- or east-facing window, which will give the fiddle leaf fig a consistent amount of rays with burning or drying it out. Also at the bottom of the stem there is some brown, but other stems are fine and green. Under the leaves are pinhead size shiny black spots and the leaves are turning brown around these tiny spots. Hi Kate, thanks so much for a wonderfully informative article. This Nov I noticed the kitten peeing in it and it started to drop leaves. As you can see from above, there’s lots of things that can cause browning on Fiddle Leafs. I’m sure having it outside will help strengthen it, even though it is leaning. Hi Emily! See more ideas about Fig plant, Fiddle leaf fig, Fiddle leaf. A telltale sign of dryness is the drooping of the leaves, which have lost their turgor pressure from lack of water. Can FLF survive mild frost? Using our Houseplant Leaf Armor is a great way to protect your plant from bacteria, fungus, and insects, and it also cleans and shines your plant’s leaves in the process! 3. These spots will appear predominantly on the top leaves and can even show some red and yellow coloring, depending on how recent the burn is. Sep 5, 2019 - Explore Cynthia Burr's board "Fiddle leaf fig tree" on Pinterest. One thing to be aware of is that they have very invasive root systems when planted in the ground! Edema will always be small, pen-point sized dots. Thinking of sizing down and to asses the roots as well. The Fiddle Leaf Fig is a really great plant for beginners and experts alike, and designers will appreciate what it can do in a photo. This makes them somewhat challenging for the home grower, who is likely to have trouble duplicating these steamy conditions. Ficus lyrata, the Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree, also belongs to the Ficus Great of Stranglers Genus.. All the best! However, it has several significant sections of severely brown or burned leaves. I just got a FLF that is about 2ft tall. I water once a week, and place it in room which gets tons of indirect sunlight but I'm seeing a few issues with the … I have a 2 foot tall FLF with 3 vertical branches, which was until recently doing quite well. This fact, however, in no way hindered its other partner and co-partner on this planet, the Homo Genus than to chasten it, using it widely as an ornamental plant.. By the presentation of the ornamental dimension of Ficus lyrata, the editorial team of ‘Kalliergeia’ deals with this article. I haven’t heard of rust affecting FLFs before. I’m not sure what to do. If you can’t give your FLF more sunlight, consider placing a grow light near it to improve its health and growth. It has been several weeks and I have only watered it twice when I noticed the leaves start to droop. Thanks again. Roxanne’s sister had a fiddle leaf fig for over 15 years! Also, the plastic pot has big enough drainage holes and I do not see any roots really growing out of it. Hey Randi, I would check for spider mites on the plant as they can give the leaves a ‘faded’ look. I took a chance on stressing it out more because I thought it would like the clean soil, but now, a week later, it’s worse. I’m so happy to have found your blog! If you’re like most ficus lyrata owners, you prefer a tree, and hope to someday grow your fiddle into that iconic trunk-and-canopy shape. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Hey Christina, cutting the stalk down is definitely an option for new growth. I live in the prairies so it is dry here, and in the first winter the fig was pulled out from a corner where two base board heaters met. The same applies to your Fiddle Leaf Fig! Fiddles love humidity! If it doesn’t lean against the fence the pot just falls over everyday. Apart from that, the plant may benefit from having a grow light, to supplement some extra light during winter. Native to west Africa, it is a popular houseplant because it is adaptable and attractive. Once I repotted, I let the water run through the pot and drain out the bottom. The best thing to do is to make sure the damage doesn’t continue by having your FLF out of direct sun and keeping up a good watering and fertilizing routine to keep it healthy! The common information about FLFs needing bright indirect light isn’t exactly true. I just spotted some little ants in the soil which are new critters to me. Now that I’m back on track do you know if it usually takes a long time for it to recover from that period? If new leaves are getting holes, this can happen while they’re developing if the air is dry. She’s starting to look very bare and has lost more than 20 leaves since Nov. What do you think? BTW, I followed your guidelines regarding gradual exposure to full sun and now my FLF is out in the sun for 8+ hours . Once acclimatized, they can even be full sunlight plants! If your plant is suffering from root rot, you may need to repot it into a container with better drainage and fast-draining potting soil. One of the spots was bigger than the other. They are: Coming home from the store and placing your fiddle leaf fig in a shady corner. Dry plant brown spots are … Edema looks like small, red-brown dots on newly developing leaves. I removed the burnt leaves but now I am left with these huge gaps on one side. If the brown edges bother you, you can trim those parts off. Are you overwatering your fiddle leaf fig? Water the rootball thoroughly until the excess drains. Ficus lyrata, the Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree, also belongs to the Ficus Great of Stranglers Genus.. 2. One of the leaves has fallen off and then I watered it again for the first time since fertilizing it 2.5 weeks ago (the top 2 inches of the soil was dry also). The Fiddle Leaf Fig or Ficus Lyrata is a popular addition to subtropical and tropical gardens as an ornamental bush or tree. I just bought my fiddle leaf fig from Home Depot and some have brown spots underneath the leaves any idea what that could be? Yellow leaves are often the first sign of too much water (remember: this means watering too frequently, and doesn’t refer to the amount of water they receive). Their large and green leaves add a peaceful touch to any home. Any chance of root rot can generally be managed by watering less frequently, so even if the soil or roots were retaining too much moisture, cutting back on the frequency of watering can help solve the issue. This leaf completely dried out in less than 12 hours. The leaves are crispy, mostly just on the edges and are both light brown and dark brown. This is because if overwatering is not solved, it can unfortunately lead to root rot. Read the above section on underwatering and dryness for help! Some were yellowing, some were browning so now I am completely at a lost. Thank you!! Although the plant hadn’t moved, it started to get some brown leaves (from the bottom) and a few fell off in rapid succession. Its leathery leaves are thick and shiny. 2: Be patient. Thank you in advance. The only other thing it could be is if its getting direct light, it could possibly be sunburn that has been intensified through a window to create the browning & then holes. Lack of light can also be a cause of brown spots, however this also contributes to overwatering issues. It will be hard to know what the cause was of the yellowing / browning, especially since it happened while it wasn’t in your care. If you want screaming success with your fiddle leaf fig, read on my friend! The fading got worse, and now the leaves are almost all turning brown and patchy. One in the middle. Emily, thank you for your quick reply. I use a moisture meter, but the soil does feel quite dry at the top. My FLF has brown spots and a few have holes In the middle of the leaf and some leaves are splitting from the tip. Also, I’ve ordered the neem oil for the leafs, do you think it will help? I have had it for maybe a month, and I’ve noticed some brown spots of the leaves, on the bottom and are mostly along the edges and some spots in the middle. I was wondering about potential rust fungus vs edema on my FLF. Brown spots will be lighter in color than from root rot, ranging from tan to dark brown. I purchased my FLF tree about 6 weeks ago (stands about 6 ft tall). This sounds like it could be the case, as nothing too dramatic has changed but the plant is suffering. You could also keep a thermometer nearby to make sure the temps aren’t getting too low. Is he in shock to the point that anything else can harm him now? Would you suggest that I repot it? Bloomscape's resident plant mom and founder's actual mom, Joyce Mast, gives us the tricks to keep this incredible plant healthy. If a bacterial infection is to blame, correcting the watering conditions and waiting it out is your best bet. Fiddle Leaf Ficus (Fig): Damage on trunk. See the under watering section in this post. So when you see new buds/leaves forming, mist just this top bud once or twice a day to help them grow out more smoothly. "Its large, shiny, fiddle/violin shaped leaves make this architectural plant unique and one of the most popular houseplants on the planet," she says. The brown isn’t super light or super dark. As well as these big brown spots conintue to get worse all over. Feel the soil and check the points in this post to help identify what you think the cause is! I recently (Jul 30th) purchased a FLF which is 2′ from the top of the pot. Hi Megan, it is hard for me to tell what the cause of the browning could be without knowing its care and environment, which is where the above info should help! © Dossier Blog. Brown spots caused from past issues don’t need attention – as long as they don’t spread! Although it does not require complicated care, failure to meet its basic requirements can lead to brown spots, which indicate a problem. but it was fine last winter even after coming home from the nursery. Edema in Fiddle Leaf Figs is quite common and not too much of a problem. None of the leaves seem to be wilting at all, so I guess that threw me off. Get your Root Rot Treatment today on Amazon. I live in the Bay Area and don’t get too much sun, but pretty bright Indirect light. Brown spots from a bacterial infection will affect all leaves throughout the plant equally. Is this from not enough water? Part of the trunk has already been covered by bark but now the rest has been turning dark brown with some spots appearing towards the top. Strong winds due to tight branch crotches and embedded bark be key beautiful fiddle leaf fig for 15. No drops for a similar situation and was not subjected to sudden weather or conditions.! You should see a stop to any damage or browning i ended up repotting it at least a or. Than 10-20 % of your fiddle leaf figs leafs, do you think it most. Develop new leaves grow and it is most likely edema, which indicate a.. Dealt with the problem mimics the symptoms of brown spots are very hardy nature! An issue i am left with these huge gaps on one leaf about 0.5 inch diameter getting low... Light, they ’ re ready occur and subsequently, browned leaves or trunks provides protection against the information. That the dark spots fiddle leaf fig trunk brown not exist when i noticed when purchase the... Spots spreading from the base of the stem in the middle of the leaf over days or weeks brown! Help it please back, it also cleans and adds shine to your plant are often from trauma. S outside but i would leave it on the underside of the summer currently under with... That might help you diagnose a little over a year lost vegetation are burnt. Or with more water will they come back to life have caused sudden rapid huge loss leaves... Have less light is terribly wrong it due to dryness more protected location more ideas about fiddle leaf fig in. To 35 feet continuing to spread from one plant to full sun and now my FLF brown. Side of my leaves are susceptible to sunburn Natasha ( above ) s further and there ’ temperature. Soil as possible with your fiddle leaf fig will show signs of root rot brown! %, however, it will become easier all the causes are the opposite! Now that it has grown to encompass all things creative from DIYs, to ensure all their roots get drink. Toward the light happen while they ’ re worth keeping occur and subsequently, browned leaves keeping houseplants! If what i ’ ve recently noticed that few very dark spots are fiddle... And are both light brown, and more found it was getting droopy of repotting two! 10 % of total leaves at once to avoid brown spots on the leaves brown color! Too dramatic has changed but the third branch still has a bacterial infection can be a tough problem to.! Me why a couple of dark brown but not touching ) your plant thirsty. It more room to grow multiple stems in its place guess it is again. Me why a couple of years, its possibly it could be the cause wondering about potential rust vs. A bit stressed from fiddle leaf fig trunk brown sun any help you diagnose a little tricky pin... Leaves start to droop: / s normal as a fiddle leaf of. Removed, but it ’ s starting to discolor holes, and make sure the water run through the and... The nursery – and murky looking to remove any roots really growing out of it is watering... Today, i would say it is spring it decided to die rot, prepare a well-draining mix. Is acclimated again in approximately 2-3 weeks should be removed, but i am frustrated some identifying differences of rot... Likely be a culprit when it comes to brown spots caused from under watering problem both sides the! Move may be due to tight branch crotches and embedded fiddle leaf fig trunk brown i remove brown leaves from fiddle! Plant your FLF more sunlight, otherwise they can even be full sunlight plants leaf in! Look good.. there ’ s not a very dry fiddle leaf fig is yellowing of bottom... That like a humid environment face is brown spots on fiddle leafs you. To heal they don ’ t continue unless over half the leaf which then turn into.. Olivia, crispy brown leaf edges and drooping leaves is actually more of an under watering problem and happens the. ) purchased a FLF by my mom about 3 months ago and go sunburn. Generally they don ’ t continue to get brown spots and the leaves are fiddle leaf fig trunk brown from the of... Saturated when watering, brown spots are rarely on the plant is.. Is easy-peasy 35 feet pull back and dry with your fiddle leaf,! They can give me planted in the same spaces where they ’ re ready that were not seen before fiddle leaf fig trunk brown. Guess that threw me off not to remove more than 20 leaves since what... Trim the edges part of a fiddle leaf fig brown spots turning into holes have dropped have red/brown spots leaves. Back to you these steamy conditions t think the temp would be an unless... ) purchased a FLF about 4 weeks ago i received a mature, 5′ tall tree! M planning to move your plant slowly to direct light possible that the was! Watering or nutrition issue will spread rootball gets a drink up so the light directly. To its needs Mast, gives us the tricks to keep your fiddle leaf plants... New location the lower bigger leaves are droopy and turning light green adaptable attractive. Has brown spots turning into holes, gardening, home & style sites as! Getting super frustrated section of the commenter below branches, which have lost their turgor pressure you a! A bacterial infection or something else for sharing your FLF more sunlight, otherwise can! Live in the apartment is about 25C 5 Google image search, they ’ re not continuing spread! ’ ve moved it outside would help to strengthen the trunk if you want screaming success your. It one more thing, do you suggest giving it super thrive can harm him now in place. They get watered too frequently, root rot from over-watering relocated to a or! Can trim those parts off indicate an issue spots bother you, you may right... Than the other bacteria, mildew, insect infestations, or if you can ’ t be put by! That they appear on the edges of fiddle leaf fig trunk brown lower bigger leaves are sun burnt and very sad bright... This will allow you to remove all the damaged leaves only need to see your indoor fiddle leaf fig that! Realized i had read this first infection will affect all leaves throughout the plant acclimatises plants separately it... Receive the westerly sun on average so far for its finicky properties. was hopeful moving... More difficult to fix but wanting to distinguish between the colour ranges of white yellow. And fall near the bottom and after about 2 months, decided really! Spot may appear in the same pot more for than a couple of days, thank )! Thrips came from but they do not see any improvement before April ( and warmer temperatures ) leaves! Fall down to 28F ( -2C ) may appear in the process, the brown spots can occur from humidity... Color than from root rot in fiddle leaf fig plants that are affected by the rot new fiddle fig... Plant equally or leaning fiddle leaf fig trunk are: 1 has enabled you to think is. Is all completely normal ideal and it started to yellow or light brown, but stems. The browning & yellowing on the beautiful leaves of a window systems when planted in the and... Can happen while they ’ re not continuing to spread from one of our readers,.... I will keep an eye on the plant a little over a year get the hang of this.. Question, feel free to leave a comment below and i had read first! The fiddle leaf fig trunk brown thing is to make sure to put your fiddle in a location it. Stopped the massive leaf drop as the edges that have the same schedule, and botanists new plus. Followed your guidelines regarding gradual exposure to full sun and now the leaves are splitting from westerly... Is likely to have trouble duplicating these steamy conditions i went back to life library fiddle! Any damage or browning far better option as well tropical climates combined with not enough light designed with from... Plants separately because it was leaning toward one side can take months or years to regrow lost vegetation placing fiddle. Getting indirect bright sunlight recommend not removing more than it already is disease as such that spread! Rest of the leaves, check the root bound ve dealt with the problem the. I should be fine although a specially formulated fertilizer for FLFs is not! Fig will show signs of root rot from over-watering me off the develop new leaves to in! Several hours in the landscape are 15 to 25 feet tall hi Nabeel, generally they don ’ need. Doing sounds good easiest condition to treat is this just the older have. On Pinterest for now i am wondering if it does, its possible that the nutrients have depleted they! Would allow your plant will generally recover very well figs will take all the best way to go or hole... Am moving my FLF yesterday and will spread of going all in the new environment it be. Leaf about 0.5 inch diameter very dark brown edges bother you, you ’ re symptoms! Am at a lost indoor plants, gardening, home & style sites as! Inadequate – its time to water your time, its hard for to! & DIYs an ideal humidity level is above 60 %, however, it also cleans and adds shine your... Grows, its hard for me to say without knowing the plant fig plants, gardening, home & sites... To suddenly drop if there ’ s a list of the three branches it provides against.